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So here I am, on livejournal, at 1:30 AM, to write about my feeling again. I should have a blog, or at least a tumblr for that ( technically a tumblr is a blog, but whatever).

Well, there is this girl. The same girl I mentioned before. There is me. There is my heart. I had a dream that those things could be together, forever. But part of me still knows it will forever remain a dream.

I hate math, I hate doing math with emotion. You cant tell who loses more, who hurts more at the end of an affair. If two people can't be together, I like to think it's because they are not meant to be together. It's not necessary to be true, but it somehow could make me feel better.

I'm 26. Recently I really can feel my age, and how much I've changed. However,it is still not easier for me to accept that life isn't a fairy tale.

welcome, strangers.

so there is this girl. Yeah, the beginning of every fucking stories of mine. You know that kind of girls, they're just so ... good, you have hard time to believe they're real, then to imagine they would be interested in you ( okay, let's face it, nice is not the first word ppl use to describe me), then you're the happiest girl that ever lived.

But my love, it didn't work the same way with you, did it? I'm not the one for you and I will never be. I could see it from the beginning but I was too weak to admit it.

You want my heart. I'll keep it for you, only you.

Princess of China, idts

So the bar/coffeehouse I went today decided to play Princess of China on their large screen. The only thing I could remember about this song is the scandal involved a few Vietnamese artist claiming Coldplay plagiarized their work, which I dont want to mention here.

But this vid makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I really dont mind ppl portraying other race or culture a bit. I was asked a lot of times if I feel offended by a photo of some random actress or model with a paper fan and I was like: why? It's just a fan.

Yeah, I am really not a type of finding racism in everything. But I expect ppl who portraying other culture should do more research on it.

I know Rihanna is sexy and her legs are hot. But no princess of China would show much of skin. Im not saying it's right or wrong, but it's chinese culture.

and wtf with the ninja things?

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Sometimes I get emotional over small things. Such as I listened to the CD I bought 10 years ago and realised Im no longer a teenager.

Time is a cruel thing. My heart is still young, excited and yet innocent for the world like it was 10 years ago


in 2002, my sister and I rent So Close to watch because Zhao Wei was so famous in Vietnam at that time. I remembered we kept talking about that movie for weeks/#fangirl

For some reason I decided to watch it again yesterday and I realised that movie is the gayest non-gay movie that ever been made. Zhao Wei's character, Sue was totally crushing on the cop, played by Karen Mok ( I have no idea but I always like Karen, there is something about her, the confidence, the attitude, oh yeah, and I watched this movie when I was 14 too)

I would talk about how gay Sue is if it wouldnt take a whole day. She is GAY. and so effing cute. I have a sore throat over the "awwww" I gave her through the movie ( and of course the fake coughs over the ~totes straight, guys, not lesbian at all" moments)

Bless whoever made that movie, now the only thing between me and happiness is a sequence that only happens in my dream where Hong and Sue are lovebirds.

Everyone needs to watch this movie, because nothing sexier than an asian chick with long legs and pretty hair who could kick asses (Lynn). And nothing cuter than Zhao Wei being a lesbian. I'm serious. ( here is the english dubbed version. Personally I prefer watching in mandarin with Vietnamese subtitle - in case I have no idea what they are talking about; but the English dub is quite good)

Last but not least

Because Im so cheesy

I used to love this song, and after listening it again, I know why.

Misty Rain

What I fear the most

Misty Rain

I can't see your shadow

The blue sky could hear my crying

The sky is crying

I am crying

Where are you

Your eyes, your smiles

Follow me in my loneliness

Misty rain

Vastly landscape

Old ass stanning

Mỹ Tâm's voice always gives me shiver.

She used to be my goddess, and the only reason she isnt rn is Im too old to admit it. But if I could pick the way I die, I want to die listening to her music.

winter has its own beauty

tonight I went out with my friend (instead of having dinner with that lame guy who could never replace Mika) and after talking about everything for like half a the night she still thought I was living in Hanoi. sometimes I really give myself a lot of eye rolling, Im not a mysterious type yet I hate sharing my life again and again. so I just talked to one and hoped the news would broadcast itself.

I have to say objectively, Im having a great life. I always do. I just have so much difficulty to be just happy. I dont even know what I am seeking.

It's summer, bright and colorful. I miss winter and its sadness