Flavia (flaviavn) wrote,

Princess of China, idts

So the bar/coffeehouse I went today decided to play Princess of China on their large screen. The only thing I could remember about this song is the scandal involved a few Vietnamese artist claiming Coldplay plagiarized their work, which I dont want to mention here.

But this vid makes me uncomfortable for some reason. I really dont mind ppl portraying other race or culture a bit. I was asked a lot of times if I feel offended by a photo of some random actress or model with a paper fan and I was like: why? It's just a fan.

Yeah, I am really not a type of finding racism in everything. But I expect ppl who portraying other culture should do more research on it.

I know Rihanna is sexy and her legs are hot. But no princess of China would show much of skin. Im not saying it's right or wrong, but it's chinese culture.

and wtf with the ninja things?

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