May 27th, 2012


in 2002, my sister and I rent So Close to watch because Zhao Wei was so famous in Vietnam at that time. I remembered we kept talking about that movie for weeks/#fangirl

For some reason I decided to watch it again yesterday and I realised that movie is the gayest non-gay movie that ever been made. Zhao Wei's character, Sue was totally crushing on the cop, played by Karen Mok ( I have no idea but I always like Karen, there is something about her, the confidence, the attitude, oh yeah, and I watched this movie when I was 14 too)

I would talk about how gay Sue is if it wouldnt take a whole day. She is GAY. and so effing cute. I have a sore throat over the "awwww" I gave her through the movie ( and of course the fake coughs over the ~totes straight, guys, not lesbian at all" moments)

Bless whoever made that movie, now the only thing between me and happiness is a sequence that only happens in my dream where Hong and Sue are lovebirds.

Everyone needs to watch this movie, because nothing sexier than an asian chick with long legs and pretty hair who could kick asses (Lynn). And nothing cuter than Zhao Wei being a lesbian. I'm serious. ( here is the english dubbed version. Personally I prefer watching in mandarin with Vietnamese subtitle - in case I have no idea what they are talking about; but the English dub is quite good)

Last but not least