August 1st, 2014


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So here I am, on livejournal, at 1:30 AM, to write about my feeling again. I should have a blog, or at least a tumblr for that ( technically a tumblr is a blog, but whatever).

Well, there is this girl. The same girl I mentioned before. There is me. There is my heart. I had a dream that those things could be together, forever. But part of me still knows it will forever remain a dream.

I hate math, I hate doing math with emotion. You cant tell who loses more, who hurts more at the end of an affair. If two people can't be together, I like to think it's because they are not meant to be together. It's not necessary to be true, but it somehow could make me feel better.

I'm 26. Recently I really can feel my age, and how much I've changed. However,it is still not easier for me to accept that life isn't a fairy tale.