It's a boring time when you're over your last obsession and your next is nowhere to be found.

I try to run again today but my ankle still hurts like a bitch.


I ride a Yamaha's Nozza. It feels great when you speed up.

I quit my job, this is my 3rd time in 2 years so Im pretty there's something wrong with me

I think Olivia Wilde would be hot again if she loses some weight. She looks so bland rn tbh.

I fucking hate that Im a loyal Freja stan and she doesnt like to work. Well, like model, like stan

I've listened to Someone that I used to know on replay for the last 2 hours.

Hà Nội

Sometimes I really miss Hanoi.

I can't explain it. I lived in Hanoi for 6 years, I had changed into a Hanoian, looking to everything with careless eyes. This fits my lifestyle. I found it hard to start in a new place.

I tried to forget all the memory I got in that city but when I left, I still brought it with me.

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Yesterday I thought I saw you.

and I was so happy at that half of second. I was so happy.

The moment I realised it's not you was also the moment I realised how upset I am since you're gone.

I cant deal with heartbreak, I cant deal with real feeling, I never have enough brave to face my own feeling if things are possible. Old things are old, we're just two ppl who met at some period of our lives but then i still regret, regret what, I dont know.

Maybe Im just like that, I love to have this feeling: lost, upset, missing someone. I still want nothing from you. But Mika, my dear, I got so much from you you couldnt imagine.

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I dont want you to go.

I dont want you to go

I dont want you to go

I dont want you to go

I dont want you to go

I dont want you to go

It's okay tho. I will get over it some way.

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I hate finding myself in the middle of a weird situation but it happens to me all the time.

And I also need to stop thinking by my vagina, be a grown-up and such.

but damn, im a weak human-being. i just cunt with my life rn. and confused.

screw it, i hate thinking too much and i never follow what i planned anyway.

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i miss my friends so much. As much as i try to fit in, i still hate when i make a joke and ppl dont get it. I miss Lynx.
Im considering quitting. That's no good for my profile and proves my thought: i cant stay with a damn job for long. Im almost 24, tried 3 jobs in 3 different proffession and i didnt even like one.
But this one is just not for me. I mean i could do it but i dont feel comfortable working and stressed all the time.
Haizz i did hope i would learn how to justify myself but that seems impossible since i am to obsessed with myself to change. I hate to face it but im an adult now, better find something i love to do which could make living b4 i become a useless bitch.

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I hate to sound like a sexist but

girls are stupid.

when I was 15, I read a anime ( asian comic) with a tag: comic for girls. That totally made my mom happy but I snorted all the time. To be honest, I read it just for the sake of: the ppl who has information has power, and the adaption of this comic was on tv, and I was a showoff and my friends loved to hear about the details of that junk.

Im not even kidding when I called it Asia's Twilight. It doesnt have virginal vampire and such but it does have some ridiculously rich dude and ridiculously poor chick. The dude is an ass and a bully and the girl is so nice and brave and innocent. Yeah, we asians are into those stuffs.

Okay, let the dumb romantic girls be dumb romantic. I really dont have enough energy to care about their choices but that guy is a fucking bully. I judge any person who finds it's hot.

About the same age, I also read in my text book: the strong is not someone who stands on someone else's shoulder but the one who put other ppl on their shoulders. That sounds... lame. But it is what I think