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Như cành hoa đã thôi úa màu

Thì thôi xem như chuyện mình chưa bắt đầu

16 March
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Flavianna is the only thing that matters

More about me @ http://kasia-struss.tumblr.com

Name is Flavia, 24. Asian, gay.

(by metrictons who I love more than any of you)

I dont know how to describe myself. I could be nice, I could be a bitch. I could be over-flirtatious, or over-careless. I could blame my asianness for being creepy sometimes but actually it's just me, ...and you. Because if I go creepy for you, you must be really awesome and I cant help myself.

There're 2 things I can be proud of myself are Im honest and Im a loyal friend. If I ever say you're pretty, it's because I really think you are.

I love Freja Beha ( and a lot more but mostly girls). I stan for lesbianism.

But i'm straight

( not really tbh)

I'm being friend all weird ppl, but Im the weirdest one anyway. and I love them so much to the point I would get in any pointless internet fight for them.

If you like me enough, join yoyo_soup and lesbifriend

and if you hate me, why are you even here?